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On beer and brewing

Here at the Bandwagon Brewery we believe beer is best close to home. We are a NY State Farm Brewery. We use the finest malted barley the Empire State has to offer to bring you the bestest, freshest beer on the planet! 

Beers we usually have


High Step Weizenbock - 9.0% abv

The beer that won Best Beer in NY State at the 2012 TapNY beer festival. Certainly the most accomplished of our beers. Do we love this beer? Maybe we do and maybe we do!

Pirate Eye India Pale Ale - 7.0% abv

Our IPA. Named after a friend who knows who he is so we won't name him here. We woudn't say that this is the best IPA in the world. We would say that it tastes like the best IPA in the world. 

Hidden Rabbit Hefeweizen - 5.0% abv

This Ish is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Really, there is a very pleasant banana flavor on the finish of this traditional German summer wheat beer. What's up Doc?

Commons Ale - 5.0% abv

Named after the Ithaca Commons from whence it came. Lager yeast fermented at ale temperatures give this crowd pleaser a slightly sweet & tangy finish. 

On Point Pilsner - 5.5% abv

Hey, yo, Czech this. Are we down with O.P.P.? Yeah, you know me. 

Sully's Irish Stout - 4.8% abv

It's stout about the middle and stout about the ends. And so are all its enemies and so are all its friends.