Benefits of craft beer over regular beer

Many people enjoy the taste of a cold beer in almost any weather. But most of them do not have any insight into the health benefits them.

But research has shown that there are various benefits of craft beer over regular beer. Even though the popular belief is that consumption of beer is bad for health. But it is not entirely true in most cases.

So, without any further ado, let us look at some of the key benefits of craft beer over regular beer.

Aid with digestion

Did you know that craft beer is good for digestion? I am pretty sure you did not. The feeling you get inside your gut after drinking some strong beer is the sign of the simulation. The beer simulates the gastric juices that are responsible for digestion.

The acid that is created also helps prevent any sort of indigestion problem.

Prevention of diabetes

Many people think that beers are a mixture of an extensive amount of sugar and various harmful preservative. Even though the case is somewhat true for regular beers, the case is not the same for craft beer.

The EASD Study shows that consumption of craft beer at least 3 to 4 times each week lowers the chance of getting type 2 diabetes.

Inflammation reduction

There are many craft beer that offers a strong bitter taste. Those beers can help reduce or even in some cases, prevents inflammation.

Craft beer can also assist in recovery from injury and various other health conditions.

Batter taste

Enough with the health benefits. Let us look at what we actually drink beer for. The taste.

Craft beers have a rich and full taste that regular beers do not offer. All the brewers spend a massive amount of time perfecting the unique taste and flavor of their beer. That passion shows in their rich and unique flavor that you can hardly get from any regular beer.

Variety in taste

Most of the regular beer has the same taste that does not come anything near to the tats of a craft beer. With craft beers, you get a variety of options to choose from.

Each craft beers have a unique blend of ingredients with complex rations that can offer you a new taste and sensation every time.

More Alcohol

Are you a fan of alcohol in general? Then craft beer is the way to go.

Unlike regular beers, craft beers offer you more alcohol per volume. The usual craft beers offer you from 5 to 10 percent alcohol. But some can even go up to 20 percent.

Supports the local economy

If you want to offer support to your local economy then opting for craft beer is the way to go. Instead of giving away your money to the outside, you can create more employment and local farmers by purchasing craft beer.…

The top 5 breweries in the world

The beer business is a huge industry with a lot of competition. But experts say that the top 10 to 15 brewers in the world will continue to dominate the industry for years to come. And this is why we should take a look at the top dogs in this industry.

Beer is the highest consumed of all alcohol. The major brands have slowly consumed all the market and territories. But with the new audience, the major brands are slowly beginning to change to target the new demographics.

Keeping all of that in mind, let us take a look at the top 5 breweries in the world.

Hill Farmstead Brewery

Hill Farmstead Breweries without a doubt one of the biggest brewing leads in the world. It is the leading brewery with a massive distribution all over the world.

Hill Farmstead Brewery is popular for its beer and holds the title of the top brewery according to raterbeer for more than 7 years.

They have their own taphouse, where you can get limited access to some of the unique bottles.

Trillium Brewing Company (Massachusetts)

In our second position is the Trillium Brewing Company from Massachusetts. The company was launched back in 2010 by founder Jean-Claude and Esther Tetreaul. And to this day, the brewery is known for its unique brews.

They have collaborated with some of the best brewers. Trillium Brewing Company is known for its wild yeast experiment and barrel aging. And they have made some of the best brews to date.


Tree House Brewing Company

Tree House Brewing Company is another big brewery from Massachusetts. They started their journey back in 2011 and slowly climbed up the ranking ladder with their unique fruity beers. Their creations are some of the haziest and fruity beers in the world.

The company also pays massive attention to the smallest of details and is known for its artistic cans.

Cigar City Brewing

The Cigar City Brewing is one of the leading breweries, not only in Florida but also in the whole world.

They are famous for the creation of pale ale and white ale. They are brewed throughout the whole year. But their signature brew is the dark beers like stouts. These are some of the most sold beer during the festival season.

Cloudwater Brew Co

Cloudwater Brew Co is the leading brewery in  Greater Manchester. Even though they had a controversial journey in the past few years, they are still holding the position of the leading breweries.

They are popular for their hazy pale ales and various tropical fruit sand layers. Cloudwater is one of the go-to solutions inside the UK with a massive following that is climbing every year. So if you are looking for the top 5 breweries in the world, Cloudwater is sure to hold a firm sport there.…

What does it take to start your beer brewery? The ultimate guide

Studies have shown that there is almost 6000 small brewery business only inside the US. That easily shows how lucrative the business is. So, it is quite a competitive market.

But if you are looking for a way to start your beer brewery, it is still possible. There is still room in this industry.

So, to start this business with a chance to succussed, you need to have a clear vision of what you are going to do. Keeping that in mind, today we have come up with the ultimate guide to starting your beer brewery. So, without any further ado, let us dive right in.

The first thing you must ensure is that you have what it takes to start a crat-brewing business. Some of the challenges that you might face are,

  1. Having to clean all day long
  2. Work in the business more than 45 hours a week
  3. Solid marketing and sales skillset
  4. Compact and accurate record-keeping
  5. First few years of work without profit
  6. Good funding

So, you realize that starting a brewery is so much more than just brewing and drinking. You must ensure good funding and a full-time crew that can take care of all the cleaning, maintaining, managing, and work. You also need to work on your sales, customers, and vendors.

Costs to consider

Starting any business need s good funding. But most of them have unique costs that must be considered. Unless you have a solid business, plan and map out all the costs that may pop up at any moment, you can thrive in the industry.

The amount of cost can differ according to the size of the operation. SO let us take a look at some of the general costs that you should consider while starting your brewery.

  • The first thing you must consider is the cost of equipment. You will need various equipment like kettles, kegs, storage tanks, fermentation tanks, filters and so much more.
  • You also need to invest in a building that offers a reinforced floor and accommodates all the equipment and transportation.
  • The next cost is for the supply. You have to buy the hops, yeast, malts, bottle, and other packaging materials.
  • You need to spend some one-time money for permits and the license to brew and sell beer.

Finding your distributor

If you want to make revenue, you need to find a good distributor for your products. In all states, various distributors can take the control of all the distribution processes.

Be careful about this decision. Make sure you consider a company that goes well with your business model and has a very good reputation.

Many local brewing groups can help you choose the perfect distributor for your business. So make sure to talk to them and get help during this planning session.…